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1960’s Hairstyles The Beatles invaded America with their long hair and the music began to change into a sound with British accents and Ringo Starr became a household

The 18th century is particularly associated with wigs, but these were primarily worn by men in the period. Wigs were introduced in the 17th century, when King Louis

The best ’60s and ’70s wigs are at Candy Apple Costumes. We have Afro wigs in natural or neon colors made famous in the 1970s, and we have super Afro wigs that will

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Before starting Candy Apple Costumes in 2006, we sold costumes and party supplies for nine years at a bright pink brick and mortar store called Party Makers.

Wilshire Wigs offers wigs, hair extensions, falls, and other creative hair solutions that reflect today’s salon and fashion trends–and all at discount prices.

1960s Fashion prior to the British invasion in 1964 was a continuation of the late 1950s. But with the Beatles came a new and very different fashion influence not

The 60’s and 70’s Halloween Costumes! The sixties were a decade where millions of post World War II baby boomers had reached the age of teenagers and young adults.

The Hair Factory is a small company started by women, for women. We use the highest quality, 100% human hair in all of our wigs, weaves, braids, and other hair add-ons.

How to Dress Like a Sixties Hippie Girl. Women’s fashion in the 1960s was inspired by the hippie movement which advocated peace and love and was surrounded by a

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80s Costumes, Clothes, Outfits, Wigs, Accessories and Sunglasses for men and women. Madonna, Ghostbusters, etc. Buy 80s fashion at

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